An interesting tail indeed…

Just been chasing Finlay around the front room trying to get some ‘promo’ pics of him.

The fella has, simply, the COOLEST tail!  He holds it curled up – a bit like a husky dog.  And he does this rather endearing thing…well, he’s got a few endearing things…but, one of them is when he wraps his tail around your arm when you’re stroking him.  Tail has a life of its own.

I enquired about his tail when we had him vet checked as I was concerned there might be a problem with it…but, no.  It’s not broken or damaged in any way….he can straighten it and he’ll let it fall loose, which he’ll do when he’s falling asleep on my lap.  He just seems to like to keep it curly!

His previous circumstances were stressful for him but he’s come a long way already!  Turns into a kitten – albeit a rather LARGE one – at the first sight of his feather stick or the laser pointer toy.  He’ll charge about like a crazy loon and then dash over to you for a quick cuddle.  Then CRAZY!  Then, CUDDLE! …CRAZY!  …CUDDLE!

He’s been in my foster care since mid-June now.  It being kitten season and summer holiday season, it’s hardly surprising we’ve had no enquiries about him.  Folk are nuts about kittens and the adult cats get a bit neglected at this time.

And it’s been a mad kitten season too!  I’ve seen a Facebook post from another animal charity saying she thinks it’s been the worst year ever for abandoned kittens.  Our Kendall even rescued a litter that was about to be drowned!  We had the wonderful reunion of a litter of day-old kittens with their mum who was trapped and rescued the following evening.  And, dear Little Todd…abandoned at Toddington Services….now has an amazing new home and new name (so’s to not dwell on awful memories!)

So it’s been pretty bonkers of late…

We’ve got an ‘Open Evening’ coming up on 17th Aug.  Anyone interested in volunteering with us – as a branch trustee, fosterer or home visitor – is welcome to pop along and meet a few of the crew over a cuppa and some biccies (or a cheeky glass of wine)!  Message us on the Facebook page if it appeals and we’ll send you the details.

Also wanted send everyone who donated to Lady Lou Lou’s Fundraising appeal a HUGE THANK YOU!  The good news just comes in spades….you INCREDIBLE folk raised over £500 to clear some of her substantial vet bills.  AND…Lady Lou Lou is recovering nicely and has been officially signed off by the vet.  She’ll need monitoring but she’s getting there.  AND… AND….Lady Lou Lou went to her wonderful new home on Sunday.  She’s settling in nicely and grows more beautiful by the day….a really lovely little cat.

So, yes, all a bit busy….!  But GOOD busy…as always…

Right.  “Finlay…FINLAY!  Pose… Pose, please!  Oh, OK, five more minutes with the feather stick and THEN will you pose…?? Pleeeeeeeeze??!”