Do you have any spare time?

If so our Charity Shop in Ampthill are urgently looking for volunteers. Continue reading Do you have any spare time?

Same branch, new website

Our website has had a overhaul and has been brought right up-to-date. We are still RSPCA Bedfordshire South Branch but now with a new look! We hope you like it Continue reading Same branch, new website

Fireworks & Animals

Fireworks are enjoyed by people but can be a source of fear for many animals. Continue reading Fireworks & Animals

Guinea pigs

Guinea pigs are small sociable rodents. There are many breeds and varieties. Continue reading Guinea pigs

Like a Duck to Water

Millions of ducks farmed for meat in the UK are being denied access to one of their most basic requirements – bathing water! Continue reading Like a Duck to Water

Hot Dogs

All too often, owners make the mistake of thinking that it is sufficient to leave a bowl  of water or a window open for their pet but this is not enough to protect your pet from heatstroke, which can have fatal consequences. Continue reading Hot Dogs

Neutering Pets

Neutering prevents female animals coming into season, when they may attract unwanted male attention or become pregnant Continue reading Neutering Pets

Caring for, and animal stories

Welcome to this months newsletter from the RSPCA Bedfordshire South Branch. This month we have tips on caring for animals, some interesting animal stories, animals needing new homes also read up on the latest campaign, find out what the RSPCA Bedfordshire South Branch are up to and much much more. Continue reading Caring for, and animal stories