Lady Loulou’s Fundraising Appeal

Lady Loulou’s Fundraising Appeal

This is little Lady Loulou.  She came into our care after being found – along with two siblings – stuck between a wall and a fence.  

Feral, with no sign of mum anywhere, we guesstimated that she, and her little brother and sister, were around just 7 weeks old.  Very, very thin.  And very, very uninterested in human beings!

They went straight into foster to get them socialised as quickly as possible but it was soon evident that Lady Loulou wasn’t well.  She was unable to go to the loo and spent most of her time digging in the tray and straining.  We separated her into a different room and put her on ‘Poo Watch’.  Things didn’t improve and her back area was so swollen, it looked ready to burst.  And it was oozing goo.  But Lady Loulou put up with the washing and the fussing and quickly turned from disliking humans to a very affectionate, headbutty, nosebumpy little bundle of purrs.

We were sure her first trip to the vet was going to be her last.  We were sure her second visit was going to be her last.  And the third!  But, with the help of a truly magical vet and Lady Loulou’s plucky courage, she kept going despite her extreme discomfort.  No one ever would enjoy having poo squeezed out of a very sore and swollen bottom.

Everyone in the branch was checking in on ‘Lady Loulou’s Poo Progress’…

Several days later, still not much to show and the little thing had to have an enema.  She was so blocked up, she had to be sedated as well.  Sent home with more meds and put back on ‘Poo Watch’.

Tuesday….3 poos!!  She’d met the target of 2 to 3 soft poos per day on DAY ONE!  Much happy dancing!

Wednesday….2 poos…very late on. Slow shoe shuffle…

Thursday….no poos.  Back to anxious.

Today…so far…one little poo.  Nails bitten WAY past their quicks.

But we’re positive.  And the vet is positive.  And we’re peering at Lady Loulou quite often, saying “Go for a poo, Lady Loulou!”  Instead, the little fluff ball is larking about with one of her toy mice.  She’s wonderfully playful!  Can be a bit of a diva when back in the nursery with her siblings for some playtime.  She’s got quite used to being the centre of attention!

The amazing vet reckons she will need a LOT of monitoring – to keep the balance between diarrhoea and constipation and he’s got fingers crossed she’ll grow out of this in time.  She was probably way too young to have lost her mum and forced to eat solids way earlier than she should have out there as a feral.  She’s certainly the smaller of the three picked up that day.  Although, have to say, she has a most hearty appetite!

And now we’re totting up the cost of the bills and it’s quickly added up to ‘SCARY’.  The enema alone was quoted at just over £300.  Our fantastic vet gives us a discount – but the visits and the medication and the treatments still come at a cost.

We don’t do this kind of appeal very often but we’re hoping we might be able to claw some of the costs back through donations from our supporters out there.  Anything we can put into the pot for Lady Loulou will make a huge difference.

Donations can be made via our JustGiving link here

Every single penny to Lady Loulou’s bills.  Or, if easier, drop us a message and we’ll send our bank details.

The good news is that her siblings, all being well, will be in their new homes by the end of the week.  They’ve turned around quite quickly and they’re going to make wonderful animal companions.

And, fingers crossed, we’ll be able to find Lady Lulu her new home in time.  She’ll be coming with ‘history’, will probably need a patient and dedicated owner with a mild obsession about cat poo – but she has BAGS of personality and lots of love to give in return.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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