Guinea pigs are curious animals and like to see what is going on. They are happy to live indoors but do have sensitive hearing so if you have a busy home it may be best to choose outdoor accommodation unless you have a quiet space for your new pet.

The minimum cage size for two guinea pigs should be 120cm x 60cm x 45cm, however for the sake of your guinea pig’s health and happiness, consider providing as large a cage for them as possible. A larger cage provides space for the guinea pigs to exercise, as well as giving them plenty of space to run and play. The housing should be smooth bottomed, as wire cages can easily damage your guinea pig’s feet.

Indoor style cages with plastic bottoms are ideal for housing indoor guinea pigs. Alternatively hutches can be used for outdoor guinea pigs. Whichever type of cage you choose, you will still need to provide a space for daily exercise. This can be a safe grassy area or an indoor run, particularly when it is cold.

Both indoor and outdoor accommodation should provide a separate sleeping area where your guinea pig can retreat and have quiet. In addition, outdoor housing must be sited off the ground and out of direct sunlight and also draughts or driving rain. Ideally outdoor cages should be housed in a shed.

Wild guinea pigs are a prey species and, like rabbits, your pet guinea pig will retain some of these characteristics. As such, you will need to provide your guinea pig with a place to hide, so that he/she can run for cover if startled. It is also a good idea to provide runs and tunnels for your guinea pig to explore and play in – guinea pigs can become listless or frustrated if they become bored.

For further information, Cavy Cages provides a wealth of fantastic ideas on guinea pig housing.


  1. I have just purchased the pets at home lover apex hutch for my three female piggies… It measures 100x180x60cm is this big enough? They also get out everyday in there large outdoor Run?

  2. As long as they have time outside the hutch then yes it should be OK.

  3. Me and my sister is getting a femail ginnie pig each in a couple of weeks whot is the best 1 level outdore hutch for them at pets at home?

  4. I have 10 guinea pigs and they live in a 5meter by 2 meter room with a out door area that in 5meters by 2 meters is this ok I know the regulations may have changed x

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