Like a Duck to Water

Like a Duck to Water

Millions of ducks farmed for meat in the UK are being denied access to one of their most basic requirements – bathing water!

Ducks are water birds and they have evolved to be in and around water, yet millions kept on UK farms never get to experience full body access to water – the RSPCA believes this is unacceptable.

‘84 per cent of people have never considered how ducks are reared for meat’

Over 14 million ducks were farmed last year, which made them the third most farmed animal for meat in the UK. However, most people do not know the truth about how farmed ducks are reared.

The RSPCA’s ‘Like a duck to water’ campaign aims to improve the lives of farmed ducks and ensure they are provided with the right environment.

We’ve all grown up seeing ducks on ponds at the park and naturally assume farmed ducks must have bathing water too – incredibly that is not the case.

Most UK supermarkets fail to insist that the duck meat they sell comes from farms that provide ducks with full body access to bathing water