**Taps fingers impatiently**

**Taps fingers impatiently**

So we’re all currently on tenterhooks….waiting, waiting, waiting….for little Belle to ‘pop’.

She was confiscated at the same time as Gina and Flora – so, towards the end of January – and was in a pretty smelly way too.

Utterly terrified.  When released from the carrier, she tried to hide under the kitchen roll, bless ‘er little paws.  Then under a magazine.

But our rather AMAZING fosterer, Kendall, works miracles on a daily basis, she does….and, before long, Belle calmed down and turned into a super-friendly, purry little thing.  Tho’ CLEARLY pregnant.

VERY pregnant.

And we’ve all been waiting….and waiting….and waiting….

This will be her last litter…no more fighting off the chaps.  She’ll be neutered and chipped once her babbies are weaned and then we’ll find her – and her little ones – FABULOUS new homes.

I was SO SURE it was going to be Sunday morning….but, no.

Kendall has now installed CCTV at her home in order to be able to keep an eye on her.  And her picture indicates just how fed up  little Belle is herself….but she’s still eating heartily and no signs just yet.

If the kittens are ginger and fluffy, I know I’ll hear Kendall cheering with delight from here….if not, well, they’ll be just as welcome!

….but… how… much…. longer…??!!

C’mon, pretty Belle – Kendall’s waiting for a house full of kittens again…!